Become Vendors

Become Vendors

Get the tools you need to increase sales

Migadgets SA Vendor Program

Sell with us its easy quick and will result in high visibility.

Let us do all the advertising and promotions. All you need to do is create your shop and start selling.


Why Collaborate With Us

We offer a flat rate of 15% commission nothing more no hidden costs.

15% Commission

Getting Started Is Easy

01. Register Account

Fill in the form

02. Create your shop

Use our dashboard to create your own shop

03. Order

Customer places order

04. Ship to us

Stock needs to be delivered in 3-4 days to us for inspecton. ( Customers Expense)

05. Receive Payment

Get paid every 14 days

01. We do the advertisingAccount

We offer High visibilty

02. Complaints & Refunds

We will handle it all

03. Online setup

We offer online setup if you get stuck


We offer tracking system

05. Payment options

We offer all payment options as well as Payflex

What have you got to lose no sales no commision